Jinkyz Keeps the Presidential Race in your Face with new political T-Shirt designs

Kara Lange has hit the ground running! Her new WWw.Jinkyz.com Hip Hop clothing line has debuted with a powerful statement: to celebrate the upcoming Presidential Election and to intelligently satirize the race of the candidates’, Jinkyz has premiered two new contemporary designs featuring Campaigning hopefuls Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

headshot1 (1).png

The first T-Shirt features a quizzical voter confused over the apparent obligation to choose, it seems, the “lesser of two evils;” in the obvious frustration of choosing between Clinton and Trump, she nearly pulls her own hair out, the comical parody of the truly difficult decision brilliantly designed by the vivid palette chosen by the Company Illustrator. This edition can be ordered here

headshot2 (2).png

The Second T-Shirt portrays a more assertive and decisive voter– decisievly, derisively aggressive, her posture compels the audience to think! With her finger to her head alluding to a gun, the sarcasm is biting yet the sentiment obvious: I’d rather shoot myself than vote between these two complicated and ambiguously corrupt figures. Hilariously, the T-Shirt design lampoons the signature hair of the Presidential hopefuls: Atop Hilary’s name, a neat cartoon depiction of her ultra-feminine, disarmingly conservative shoulder length bob; and atop Trump’s name, his infamous toupee that has long and endearingly been remembered as his signature identifier. This edition T-Shirt can be ordered here


Finally, the most controversial T-Shirt design is “Hillary Behind Bars”: an undeniably polarizing image, this design will automatically trigger wild support or fierce animosity. Either way, it is sure to get attention and will definitely get people thinking and talking. Even upon first glance, one who sees this shirt will undoubtedly ask themselves, “What would Hillary be behind bars for? What should she be behind bars for?” or, others still may rejoice and resonate with the image positively saying, “Yeah! She absolutely¬†should be behind bars“, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, the vivid image is certainly one that will stimulate you to second-guess exactly how much you think you know about the Good Bill‘s mysterious and ferociously ambitious wife.
While the designs are deceptively simple, the message is clear and in-your-face. Ruffling some feathers, undoubtedly, and inspiring others through laughter and identification, the dynamic new T-Shirt designs are a potent opening statement for Jinkyz as it quickly expands to a credible and veritable Brand in Hip Hop culture.

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Kara the DNA Healer spreads Divinity and Self-Esteem to marginalized urban Hip Hip communities

It was January 2016 and Kara Lange knew something was missing in her life work, even as she generously devoted her time and energy to her holistic company for DNA Theta healing. Hailing from a lineage of natural healers, and an active member of a community of healing professionals and scholars, Kara noticed a dire need for holistic medicine and alternative, naturopathic and spiritual healing methods communicated among inner city demographics. Having gotten herself involved subsequently with various non-profit organizations, Kara soon began working to provide vital services to communities of color, including infrastructural, education, and health services. Resolving to forward the healing even further, Kara was inspired to somehow connect and integrate her practice within the community.
Soon Kara conceived the vision and implemented the preparation and publishing of her website www.jinkyz.com. The ground-breaking website features an accessible and affordable variety of t-shirts with effectively simple phrases and words synonymous with the ever-evolving, increasingly mainstream culture of hip hop and urban identities. The style of clothing and the website itself allows urban youth to connect with hip hop. The target audience for the site is all-inclusive: whether minority ethnicities that were rooted in hip hop culturally from birth, or newly transplanted mainstream American aspirants who identify with the invention and bravado of hip hop culture as it was originally formed as an outlet for the most marginalized and mistreated of Western society to have a voice and expression in a prejudiced world that made sure they systematically silenced and belittled. While connecting with hip hop aesthetic and roots, the website’s visitors are also better informed about, and drawn to, the DNA Theta Healing sessions Kara is most passionate about. Indeed, the diversion of the website is a brilliant way to attract those arguably most in need of the deep cleansing and re-member-ing of the DNA Theta healing that eradicates all of the pain and trauma of post-slavery minority urban life, while still affirming one’s hip hop identity encoded to a higher frequency and more spiritual energy of confidence and unconditional, unshakable Self Love and love for one’s community.

“Sometimes you are just led in a direction, if you allow it…” she confirms when asked about her conception of the website. She continues describing her execution of her Vision, “I can tell you that it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve been meeting amazing, talented, beautiful people. My creative juices are stimulated and enjoying the experience.” Indeed, the experience of spreading healing through fashion is more than life-affirming for Kara, and her customers. As a single-parent, with two adult children, the multifaceted Kara originated in California where she has worked variably in real estate, finance, sales, and commodities. and devoted herself to working and supporting others towards empowerment for over 16 years. Now having transplanted to Chicago, she admits she realized her calling was meant to be much higher than the corporate world. That’s when she started writing inspirational children’s books. After writing 4 children’s books, she says, “When I finished that, I asked God again, ‘What’s next?’ That’s when God gave me the idea for ‘Hip Hop Threads and Gifts.'”

The rapidly expanding website has been steadily gaining traffic and providing a clever conduit through which people can gain a better understanding of Kara’s phenomenal DNA Theta healing.